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Pictures photos images of Anatolian & Hittite hieroglyph panels and stele as well as cuneiform clay tablets. Hieroglyph is the generic name of the writing system using picture symbols which was invented in Egypt and affected Aegean and Anatolia. Hittite used two writing systems. These are the diplomatic cuneiform writing taken from Mesopotamia , and the pictorial writing known as Luwian hieroglyph. The ancient civilisations of Babylon, Assyria, Egypt and the Hittites used a common cuneiform to send letter to each other. Thousands of Hittite cuneiform tablets have been excavated from Hattusa dealing with all aspects of Hittite life from simple transactions to treaties with other Empires. During the early Hittite Empire period hieroglyphs were used in monumental rock reliefs and orthostats. After the collapse of the Hittite Empire and the creation of independent Hittite principalities, the writing used by these Late or Neo Hittite Kingdoms were hieroglyphs and cuneiform was dropped. The Neo Hittite Kingdoms were established in Southern Anatolia and Northern Syria after the fall of the Hittite Empire in 1200 B.C. The inscriptions accompanying reliefs carved on the rocks, the inscriptions on stone stelae, the legends on the seals of kings and persons, the inscriptions on some metal containers, on certain weapons such as spearhead, and partly short inscriptions on the pottery; all of these are written in hieroglyphic system. Luwian Hieroglyph continued until the invasion of Assyria. Thus, it can be assumed that Luwian language lived in ancient Anatolia for about 1500 years.



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