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Pictures photos images of the Herald’s Gate Karkamis (Carchemish Karkemish) ,Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels. Turkey. Hittite stone artefacts of the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara. The Heralds’s Wall Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels at Carchemish were excavated from the wall that turns right from the Kings Gate towards the Water Gate. The Hittite orthostats of the Herald’s Wall are of a completely different style to those of the Kings Gate. No inscriptions have been found in connection with the Herald's Wall and the dating, which can be attempted only on stylistic grounds, accordingly remains extremely vague, the reliefs being variously assigned to the time of King Katuwas son of Luhas II, in the ninth century B.C. or to the fourteenth century B.C. The slabs follow the usual Hittite pattern : alternate lime-stone and basalt reliefs. The subjects figured on the slabs of the Herald's Wall and their significance are not always clear to us : there is a succession of mythological and everyday scenes, with the former preponderant, and the whole decorative scheme is yet another feature of the Late Hittite period. Most figures clearly have a magical connotation : they are there to ward off evil influences. The mythical Hittite Gods orthostats include that of the "Winged Griffin Demons” with griffins heads on human bodies. The orthostat is sculpted symmetrically and the winged hands are held assumably to the heavens. The same style of carving was used on the Hittite orthostat of a Three-headed sphinxes. The mythical creature is a winged lion, with a bird of prey's head on the end of its tail, also has a human head with hair in plaits and a conical headdress. A further Hittite orthostat graphically depicts a bearded human figure with a short skirt with a dagger in his right hand, he is stabbing the lion standing on his front legs while holding the lion's tail with his left hand. On the left is a bearded god figure with a horned-headdress, who grasps the lion's hind leg while holding the ax over his head with his right hand.

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