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Pictures images photos of the Vadisi Monastery Valley, "Manastır Vadisi”, cave churches Cappadocia, the Ihlara Valley, Guzelyurt , Aksaray Province, TurkeyThe Ihlara valley in central Turkey is the site of many underground cities and early Christian Cave monasteries. The Vadisi Monastery Valley at Güzelyurt is 5.5 km long within which are 28 churches including St Georges Church, Sivisli (St Anargitios) Church, Koc Church, Kalburlu (St. Epthemios) church, Komurlu church & 2 underground citiesKalburlu (St. Epthemios) church dates back to the 9th or 10th century. It is carved out of a single rock massive with rock columns holding up the roof of its church . The arches of Kalburlu (St. Epthemios) church have rich architectural decorated relif sculptures. The naves are connected by rounded arches & there is a baptismal font to the east of the main entrance. Komurlu Church dates from the 9th century. The Komurlu Church is a rectangular plan with one naive with an atrium, narthex, nave, bema and apse. There is a baptistry in the south wall. In the middle of the vaulted cieling is a painted red Maltese style cross. Comlekci Church is a Roman Byzantine church dating from the 10th century. the south section of the roof frescoes depict the Evangel, Christmas and the adoration of the magi. The northern panel frescoes depict Christ and the Cross. Koc Church dates from the 10th or 11th century and is rectangular in plan. The frescoes of Koc church depict two standing figures. One of them is an angel with a staff and a globe in eah hand. The other figure is a saint with an aura around the head. Both are richly clothed with ornaments decorated with pearls. Guzelyurt Chuch Mosque, formely St Gregorius church is among the most beautiful early Christian buildings in Cappadocia. Built in 385 by Emperor Theodosius it is dedicated to St Gregory of Nazianzus, a classically trained theologian. The original church has been altered into the Greek Cross floor plan of today.

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