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Pictures & images of the Albani Collection of Roman Statues, Louvre Museum, Paris.

Born in Urbino, Italy, on 15 October 1692 Alessandro Albani became one of the great collectors of Classical art of his era. Born into the great Albani family Alessandro was one of a long line of famous Albani's. His father, Orazio, was the brother of Pope Clement XI Albani and Alessandro himself became a cardinal.

The classical and Hellenistic world was the craze of 17th century and every great Villa had treasures from antiquity. So in 1745 when Alessandro commissioned the Villa Albani to be built in Rome he needed classical statues for its gardens. Albani compiled an important collection of Roman antiquities some of which are part of the great classical sculpture collection of the Louvre Museum.

The Albani collection was bought by Louis XVIII and today can be seen in the Louvre Paris.

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