Pictures of Aegina Greek Temple of Apollo & Aphaia { 39 images } Created 1 Apr 2016

Pictures images photos of the Greek temples of Apollo and Aphaea (Aphaia) on the Greek Saronic Island of Aegina, Greece. Photos by photographer Paul E Williams. The Greek goddess Aphaea or Aphaia is exclusive to the island of Aegina. The myth of Aphaea dates back into the Ancient Era from about the 14th century BC and could have been a Minoan Goddess. Aphaea was the goddesses of fertility and was worshipped to bring good fortune to farmers of Aegina. The Greek archaic temple built on Aegina to Aphaea is of the Doric order and was constructed in about 500BC. The slender Doric columns and the relative proportions of the temple of Aphaea led experts to associate the temple with the female goddess. The site of the Temple of Aphaea was excavated by German archaeologists who recovered enough o the Archaic Temple to make an extensive reconstruction in 1988. Just north of the town of Aegina at the ancient city of Kolona is a small hill that overlooks a bay. This was the site of the Temple of Apollo built around 520 BC. Little remains today of the Temple of Apollo as it was destroyed by zealous Christian in the 4th century AD. The single column that remains is a poignant reminder of the great pagan Doric temples the Greeks built. Download and buy pictures of the Temple of Aphaea and the Temple of Apollo on Aegina Island as stock Photos or as photo wall art.

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