Pictures of Alaca Hoyuk Hittite Relief Sculpture Orthostats Art { 92 images } Created 16 Feb 2016

Pictures photos images of Alaca Hoyuk (Alacahoyuk) Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels, Hittite sculpture and museum artefacts from the archaeological site near Alaca, Turkey. From the 14th century BC Alaca Huyuk was under Hittite rule. Alaca Huyuk was excavated by German archaeologists in 1910 who revealed the Sphinx Gates to the ancient city. Due to the intervention of the First World War, the excavations stopped and were resumed by Hamit Kosay in 1935 and continued until 1970. The ancient Hittite of Alaca Hoyuk and earlier antiquities are housed in the Museum of the Anatolian Civilisations in Ankara. The most complete structure left in Alaca Hoyuk is the Sphinx Gate with its entrance flanked by 2 Hittite Sphinx statues and its outer and inner walls clad with monumental Hittite relief art orthostats. The exterior wall to the left of the gate entrance has a monumental Hittite relief orthostat group that form a continuous scene. These Hittite orthostats depict a sacrifice by the king and queen, followed by attendants, to a divinity—the storm-god—in the form of a bull. The king wears 'priestly garb ' and carries the lituus, He is standing in front of the altar in an attitude of adoration, hand raised towards the image of the god, the normal attitude of prayer. In another Hittite orthostat an attendant leading in the animals—rams and goats—for the sacrifice. A further reliefs depicts jugglers and another with a hunting scenes show art unexpected liberty of movement and an understanding of animal life, already noticeable in the statuettes of stags and bulls. The large archaeological site at Alaca Hoyuk has bronze age necropolis where burial chambers that were of nobles or maybe Royals where many precious finds were found. The archaeological site at Alaca Hoyuk also has its won museum where Hittites and earlier excavated artefacts are housed. This gallery of pictures shows Hittite relief sculpted orthostats depict a King & Queen before an altar from Alacahöyük , Sacrificial animals being led from Alacahöyük and Conjurer & acrobats.


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