Pictures of Aslantepe Hittite Relief Sculpture Orthostats { 76 images } Created 16 Feb 2016

Pictures photos images of Aslantepe or Arslantepe monumental Hittite relief orthostats, Hittite statues and Hittite artefacts from Aslantepe archaeological site.
Aslantepe or Arslantepe was an ancient city near present day Malatya. Aslantepe has been occupied since the development of the agricultural habitations of the fertile crescent 6000 years ago. It was conquered by the Hittites in the 14th century BC who ruled it until the collapse of the Hittite Empire in the Bronze Age Collapse. Aslantepe then re-emerged as Kammanu, a Neo-Hittite town. Aslantepe is situated west of Euphrates River, at 7 km north east of the modern city of Malatya, which was founded in 1838: Inhabited from 5000 BC until 11th Century A.C, Aslantepe is known as the city of "Melidia-Meliddu" in written Hittite sources. The first excavations were carried out in 1930 by L. Delaporte, the French archaeologist. During the excavations; two lion statues on both sides of the entrance gate and courtyard, which were decorated with low-relief on the stone, the statue of the buried King Mutallu across it, and the Late Hittite Palace were found. The surviving Hittite orthostats in this Hittite picture gallery are from this period. Typical of Hittite art relief sculptures depict colourful gods from the vast pantheon of Gods that the Hittites worshipped. Gods that are mixtures of animals such as the Hittite relief sculpture of Lion Men show the fertile creative imagination of Hittite artists. As well as a sculpture of A Winged God, the orthostats of Aslantepe depict scenes with Hittite Gods. The gallery also contains a splendid sculpture of a Lion from the Gate to Aslantepe which has all the hall marks of the endearing style of Hittite artist



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