Pictures of Cremona Romanesque Cathedral Duomo - Italy - { 33 images } Created 13 Apr 2016

Pictures images photos of the Romanesque Duomo and Baptistry of Cremona, Lombardy, Italy. Commissioned by Queen Matilda di Canossa and dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin the construction of Cremona Cathedral and Baptistry began in 1107. Both the Duomo and Baptistry of Cremona were built in the Romanesque style. The octagonal Cremona Baptistry has both Romanesque and Gothic Lombard elements. The canope above the main portal is held up by two pillars on Romanesque sculptures of Lions, and architectural deivice typical of the Romanesque. The facade of the Duomo has had Gothic, Renaissance loggias and Baroque architectural elements and statues added. Above the main portal is a loggia with statues of the Virgin with Child and two Bishops which are of the Tuscan School made around 1310. Completed in 1309 the terrazzo, the bell tower of the Cathedral of Cremona, stands 112 meters (343 feet) high making it the 3rd highest brick tower in the world.

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