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Pictures images photos of Ferrara Duomo, Cathedral, of St George. The Ferrara Duomo of St George was originally designed in the 12th century as a Romanesque building. The facade is divided into 3 sections with rows of loggias, arcades and small rose windows. The original Romanesque design has been overlaid with Gothic balconies and sculptures.
The canopy over the main Romanesque portal is supported by two columns held up by sculptures of Atlas seated on the back of two Lion sculptures. Above the portal canopy is a Gothic sculpture of The Madonna with Child above which is a freeze of the Last Judgement of Doom Day. Sinners are sent to the right to Hell and Damnation and the Good are sent to the left to Paradise. The sinners and depicted in chains being tormented by devils. They are being forced along to their ultimate fate and a scene that depicts the sinners being boiled alive in a big cauldron or being fed to a huge monster. The portal lunette relief sculpture of St George , the patron saint of Ferrara, Killing a dragon. This is the work of the 12th century Romanesque Lombardic sculptor Nicolaus or Niccolo. Below St George are panels depicting scenes from the life of Christ including the Nativity, the flight to Egypt and of Christ being Baptised by John the Baptist. On the door columns Niccolo has sculpted figures of the prophets that foretold the coming of Christ.

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