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Pictures photos images of the Hittite antiquities and artefacts held at the Corum Archaeological Museum (Çorum Archaeological Museum) , Corum, Turkey. The modern city of Corum is situated In northern Turkey close to the Old Anatolian Hittite Kingdom capital of Hattusa Boğazkale as well as the important Hittite site of Alaca Hoyuk. Corum Archaeological Museum hold an important collection of Hittite antiquities and artefacts from Hattusa, Alaca Hoyuk, Hüseyindede & Ortakoy Sapinuwa. One of the Hittite highlights of the Corum Archaeological Museum are the Huseyindede vases. In 1997, while conducting surface surveys, archaeologists from the Çorum Museum discovered sherds of Old Hittite relief vases on the side of a hill called Hüseyindede, Excavations revealed In one small room of a large building over 30 vessels, placed in a line along one of the walls. Some of these had clear cult use, including the remains of the Hüseyindede A vase and the Hüseyindede B. The figures on the Hüseyindede friezes depict nine animals, musicians & dancers in procession towards a temple and a sacrificial altar. The figures are in relief and painted and the vessel would probably have been used during cult ceremonies for libations.
Other Hittite terra cotta pottery includes beak spout pitchers. These vessels are a typical Hittite design with both long neck spouts that come out of the top of the pitcher and pitchers with side spouts. The end of the spout broadens to take on the shape of a birds bill. As with most Hittite pottery these vases have no decoration and are simply glazed. The Corum Archaeological Museum Hittite collection also contains a spectacular Hittite bronze sword as well as ornate bronze spear heads.
The museum has a good collection of Hittite ceremonial rhytons in animal shapes that would have been use during Hittite cult ceremonies. One of these cult vessels is in the shape of a forearm and hand holding a beaker. Bull and animal shaped rhytons complete the collection. The Toprak Bagis Belgesi cuneiform tablet donation documents give an insight into the bureaucracy of the Hittite Empire. One of the cuneiform clay tablets if a donation of winter grazing pastures to the shepherds of Uhhiva city.

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