Pictures of Hittite Art & Artefact Collection of Adana Archaeological Museum. { 150 images } Created 28 Sep 2018

Pictures images photos of the Hittite monumental art, Hittite relief orthostats and Hittite artefacts from Adana Archaeological Museum’s Hittite Collection. Housed in a new museum Adana Archaeological museum is well laid out with some fine examples of Hittite monumental art. At the centre of the Hittite monumental collection is a huge statue of the Storm God Tarhunda being pulled along on a cart by 2 bulls. Similar in style to the Storm God statue of Karatepe the statue is dedicated, according to its hieroglyph inscriptions, to the works of King Wari[ka]’s “King of Hiyawa Country, servant of God of Storm.”. The monumental Tarhunda statue was excavated from a field near Dine village in Yureir District after being discovered by a farmer ploughing his field. The Adana Archaeological Museum Hittite collection also holds other fine examples of Hittite art. Particularly of note is a basalt statue of a man, many Hittite relief sculpted orthostats depicting gods and hunting scenes and a fine example of an anthropomorphic terra cotta jug in the shape of a mythical figure.


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