Pictures of Hittite Pottery from Kultepe Kanesh - Museum of Anatolian Civilisations - { 40 images } Created 13 Oct 2018

Pictures photos images of the Hittite Pottery from Kultepe Kanesh from the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara, Turkey. The Hittite style of arty and pottery drew its inspiration from its Mesopotamian and Anatolian predecessors. That said Hittite pottery has its own style. Typically pots are terra cotta with red terracottas being the most popular. Early Hittite pottery is largely undecorated and the pots have a smooth shiny finish. Although simple in finish, the Hittite potters liked elegant shapes with the bill shaped spout being a popular design. The Hittite pottery from Kultepe Karnesh demonstrates the skill of the Hittite potters from 1700 BC to about 1500 BC.

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