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Pictures photos images of the Hüseyindede vases, 16th century BC Old Hittite polychrome relief vessel. Corum Archaeological Museum, Turkey. The Hüseyindede vases are very rare with the only other example of Old Hittite polychrome relief vessels being in the Museum of Anatolian civilisations. Corum Archaeological Museum hold two Old Hittite polychrome relief vessels rescued from illegal digs In 1997 on the side of a hill called Hüseyindede, by archaeologists from the Çorum Museum. The archaeologists excavated a large building, along with a settlement, that had been destroyed by fire in ancient times and not rebuilt. In one small room of the large building, the excavators recovered over 30 vessels, placed in a line along one of the walls. Some of these had clear cult use, including the remains of the Huseyindede A vase and the partially finished Huseyindede B vase and two other partial relief vessels. Both Huseyindede vases are big being about 86cm high and 50 cm wide. They would have held libations used in cult ceremonies to worship the Hittite gods. Huseyindede vase A is the most complete with 4 tiers of friezes running around the vase. The top frieze shows nine people out-of-doors, including five musicians, men playing lutes and the woman playing cymbals, with dancers. Six of these figures face right, as do the two oxen, giving the frieze a strong sense of movement. The second frieze down depicts a procession going to a temple building. Two figures sit on a “throne bed” taking part in a cult ceremony. The third frieze depicts a procession with eight males, seven facing right. The procession features four men and three animals. It is led by a man wearing a diadem with a diagonal hem on his short tunic. He leads a man following him by the arm. The other three men, all wearing the same short tunic with projecting triangular undergarment, lead animals: a ram, a stag, and a poorly preserved quadruped. The libation scene is damaged with only the tops of the two key figures preserved, as well as the top of the altar between them. Scholars agree that the figures depicted on the Huseyindede vase are engaged in the cult activities of entertainment, offering, and sacrifice.

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