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Pictures images photos of the Hüseyindede vases (Inandik or Inandiktepe) A Hittite relief cult Vase held at the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara, Turkey. In late 1965, near 100 KM north west of Hattusa (Bogazkoy) at Iandiktepe on the road from Ankara to Çankiri, a bulldozer excavating a hillside exposed sherds of Hittite polychrome relief pottery. Raci Temizer, head of the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, led emergency excavations that exposed the foundations of a 30-room structure dating to the Hittite period. The excavations unearthed an almost-intact relief vase which is known as the Inandik Vase dating from the 16th century BC. Made of a fine red terra cotta and covered with a polished red slip, the Indandik Hittite relief vase is 82 cm high and 51 cm wide. It is a funnel-rim vase with a round bottom, large oval body, four vertical handles at the shoulder, and a flaring top.
The neck, shoulders and belly of the vase are covered with four decorative friezes, featuring figures coloured in cream, red, and black. The top frieze depicts figures of both genders engaged in music-making, acrobatics, and astonishingly a sex act. In all, there are 11 figures, six women and five men. The figures on this frieze are depicted moving from left to right. In the second frieze is depicted a procession of eight people of both genders going towards a painted building. The procession is moving towards an altar to make offerings to the Gods. Typical of later Hittite stone relief panels such as those at Alaca Hoyuk, it can be seen that the Hittite worship of the Gods was joyous with music and entertainment. It has been suggested that the Hittites fed and entertained their Gods to keep them happy during cult ceremonies. The Indandik Hittite relief vase would have contained libations that would have been offered to the God at the centre of the cult ceremony.

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