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Pictures, photos, images of Konya Archaeological Museum Catalhoyuk artefacts and antiquities collection. Situated just south east of Konya overlooking the Konya plain, Catalhoyuk is the biggest and most complete Neolithic settlement in the world. The finds from Catalhoyuk are helping scholars and archaeologists understand the pre-history of the Near East in new ways. With finds from the 1999 excavations at Catalhoyuk, Konya museum has a small but very important collections of artefacts from Catalhoyuk. Neolithic stone tools and pots allow to start building a picture of Neolithic Catalhoyuk. Fragments of frescoes from houses show that these Neolithic people had a vibrant culture. The grave burial of an infant buried in the foetal position in a basket is both well preserved and touching with is two small stone bracelets. Unique to Konya Musuems Catalhoyuk collection is a plastered skull of an adult female. The front of the skull and jawbone were plastered over and the nose recreated then it was painted red. Many layers of plaster show that this was done many time suggesting that the skull was a treasured item. Konya Archaeological Museum is a state archaeological museum in Konya, Turkey. Established in 1901, it had been relocated twice before moving to its present location in 1962. Download Pictures & images of Konya Archaeological Museum Catalhoyuk artefacts and antiquities collection or buy on line as photo art prints.

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