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Pictures images photos of Orvieto Cathedral of Duomo. Orvieto is situated on the top of a butte, a flat topped volcanic plug carved out of volcanic tuff. Perched at the top of high vertical cliffs the views of the city are both imposing and dramatic. The origins of Orvieto can be traced back to the Etruscans and it was annexed by the Romans in the 3rd century BC. By the Middle ages Orvieto had become an important trading town that controlled the main route from Florence to Rome. In the 13th century Orvieto became a refuge to 5 popes who took up residence in the Papal Palace of Orvieto for nearly 50 years. This papal connection with Orvieto led to the building of the Orvieto Cathedral under the orders of Pope Urban IV to commemorate and provide a suitable home for the Corporal of Bolsena, a miracle which is said to have occurred in 1263 in the nearby town of Bolsena. The flagstone of the Cathedral was laid by Pope Nicholas IV on 13th November 1290. The Cathedral is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. In 1309 the Sienese sculptor and architect was commissioned to work on the Cathedral of Orvieto and not only resolve structural problems with the building but also to design the facade of the building. The facade of Orvieto Cathedral is a triumph of Tuscan Gothic Architecture. Based on a Romanesque Basilica with a naive and two side aisles, the facade if divided into 3 gables Large panels of mosaics fill the triangular door tympanum leading upwards to a large triangular mosaic panel that is at the top of the central gable. The mosaic panels were created between 1350 and 1390 after designs by artist Cesare Nebbia. They have golden backgrounds which reflect in the sun and give the facade of the Cathedral an eye-catching part is its golden frontage. The mosaics of the Orvieto Cathedral depict scenes from the Life of the Virgin Mary and the highest panel depicts the "Coronation of the Virgin Mary" in to top gable.
Between the doorways are sculpted Bas relief panels that depict scenes from the Book of Genesis with Adam and Eve, the Last Judgement, Biblical stories and the lives of Jesus and Mary. Sculpted by Maitani and at least 3 other unknown sculptors these sculptures are some of the best of the 14th century. The Magnificent Rose window of Orvieto Cathedral was built by built by the sculptor and architect Orcagna between 1354 and 1380. Above the window is a row of niches with sculptures of the twelve apostles. Beautiful twisted sculpted columns line The overall effect of the facade of Orvieto Cathedral is of harmonious and its rich decoration has been balance to perfection making it probably the best example of Tuscan Gothic in Italy.

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