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Pictures images photos of the Riace Bronzes Greek statues cast about 460 BC. Riace is a sea side town 80 km (50 miles) north of Reggio Calabria where in 1972 two full sized bronze warrior statues were found in the sea. This was an astounding discovery as bronze statues from antiquity are very rare as the metal was valuable and was re-used by successive generations. The Riace bronze statues went through 9 years of conservation during which time every aspect of the statues was investigated using the latest scientific methods. This has given archaeologists deeper understanding of how the Greeks made such incredible bronze statues. It is not fully known the purpose of the Riace Bronzes but academics believe that statue A was probably sculpted by Myron and statue B was made by Phidias. The style of the Riace statues straddles the archaic period and heralds the start of the classical period. Both statues depict strong young naked warriors who stand calmly but exuding great power. In the Archaic Period, 200 years before the Riace Bronzes were made, Kouros (Youth or Boy) sculptures were typical. Kouros stand straight and static looking forwards with no expression on their faces. Even though there is a hint of the Archaic Period in the Riace Bronzes unlike the Kouros there is a sense of movement. The Riace Bronzes have their legs bent as if they are about to take a step and their heads are turned which accentuates a sense of anticipation as if they are looking for something they have on their faces. The anatomical detail is extraordinary which gives a startling realism to the statue and demonstrate the high level of skill of the Greek sculptors of this period. This style was then adopted by the Romans who spread it across their Empire and was rediscovered again during the Renaissance and has been the bench mark of high art ever since. The Riace Bronzes are exhibited in the newly constructed the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia in the southern Italian City of Reggio Calabria, Italy. Housed in a temperature controlled gallery that has been made earthquake proof, they are now safe for generations to come. Download Royalty Free Riace Bronzes pictures of buy on line as photo art wall art. For editorial use only.To use in advertising please apply for permission to the Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia, Reggio Calabria.

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