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Pictures photos & images of early Roman Christian mosaics from Roman Christian Basilicas and churches. Emperor Constantine in the Edict of Milan in 313 AD made Christianity legal in the Roman Empire and in 391 Emperor Theodosius banned Pagan worship in the Roman Empire. Christians destroyed Pagan Temples or occupied them and made them into Christian places of worship. The Early Roman Christians build their first churches in the style of Roman Basilicas. The floors were decorated with mosaics following Christian themes. Many of the Early Roman Christian mosaics that survive come from territories of the Eastern Roman Empire which survived after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 6th century AD. Popular mosaic themes were of animals, fish and birds and Christianity of this period seemed to be a lot closer to nature than current Christian doctrine. Birds drinking from the fountain of life were popular in Roman Christian mosaics as well cups that also held the water of life. Depictions of saints and of Christ are absent from these Roman Christian mosaics and the Cross is represented by the Chi Rho Cross. Early Christian memorial mosaics show depictions of the deceased or show scenes that related to the trade of the departed. Mosaic ships are found on memorial plaques of ship owners. Typical depictions on the memorials show the departed wearing earnings and is dressed in a dalmatic, a long wide-sleeved tunic, which is decorated with black clavi, stripes, and embroidered sleeves. A belt and buckle with cabochons, shaped and polished gem stones, hold the tunic tight at the waste. These garments are still worn by Christian priests today. The early Roman Christians practised full emersion baptisms so had walk in fonts that were decorated with geometric designs and symbols of baptism such as lit candles that represented faith. Mosaics depicting Early Roman Christian Basilicas give us a clear view of what these early Roman churches looked like

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