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Pictures images photos of Roman painted fresco wall art from Naples Archeological Museum. Roman Villas by the second century AD were richly decorated inside with mosaic floors and painted fresco walls. Trompe-l’œil panels and pillars were painted on the walls which were made of paint effect marble. In the panels were painted scenes from mythology, portraits of the villa owners or depictions of Roman Gods. Roman frescoes are relatively rare as the wall of villas collapsed when abandoned destroying the wall paintings. Frescoes are also very susceptible to damp and so once a building roof falls in they deteriorate rapidly. Thanks to the high preservation of the painted frescoes from Pompeii we are able to see the incredible level of skill Roman painters attained. Remarkable portraits and scenes have survived that show great sensitivity by the Roman artists who paint in a realistic style that re-emerged in the Renaissance. Roman Frescoes have a high level of modelling with shadows and an understanding of light that disappeared for 1000 years once the western Roman Empire collapsed. he Romans inherited their artistic skills from the Greeks and the Hellenistic rules of composition can be seen in Roman fresco wall paintings. Download pictures of Roman painted fresco wall art as stock photos or buy as photo wall art prints on line. For Editorial use only, for advertising property rights please contact the museum.

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