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Pictures photos & images of Roman mosaics depicting Roman Gods and scenes from mythology. The History Of Roman Mythological Mosaics. The Roman Empire was a solely Pagan State until the Constantine the Great at the edict of Milan in 313 legalised Christianity in the Roman Empire. The Romans inherited their Gods and Mythology largely from the Greeks whose culture they admired and copied. The Roman changed the names of the Gods and Goddesses so the Goddess Aphrodite became Venus and so on, but their mythology remained the same as written by the Greeks. Roman were extremely superstitious and daily offerings to the Gods were made by the burning of incense on small stone altars in Roman Villas. Roman consulted priests to read omens before they embarked on new ventures and Emperors consulted oracles before they went to war. If things were going wrong in the Empire it was believed that the Gods had been upset and were taking revenge. It is hardly surprising then that, up until the Roman Empire became Christian, popular Roman mosaic themes were based around the Gods and mythology. One the of the most favourite Gods of the Romans was Dionysus the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine. Also known as Bacchus, Dionysus is often depicted in Roman mosaics with his debauched teacher Silenus in scenes from their mythology. The mythology of the goddess Venus also is a popular Roman mosaic theme and Venus is depicted in seascapes as she was born from the sea. The Greek God Poseidon the god of the Sea was renamed Neptune by the Romans and seascapes of his mythology are popular themes used by Romans in their Public Baths and fountains.

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