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Pictures of Roman mosaics depicting animal hunting scenes. The History of Roman Mosaic Hunting Scenes. By the 3rd century AD the Romans were making extremely intricate coloured mosaic floors with hunting scenes. Boar hunting was popular with the Romans and scenes in the Room of the Small Hunt at the Villa Romana del Casale show the dangers of hunting wild boars. The mosaic shows hunters injured by the boar before one manages to spear the animal. In the same mosaic scenes are shown from a hunt that would have happened all over the Roman Empire. A hunter on horseback is about to spear a hare with a spear and in the centre of the mosaic hunters make an offering to the goddess Diana in thanks for a successful days hunting. The Villa Romana del Casale shows animals being hunted and captured alive to be taken to the Colosseum in Rome. This mosaic also shows lion hunts with hunters being attacked by aggressive lions and having to defend themselves with shield and spears. Mosaic hunting scenes also show hunts with dogs. Foxes are depicted being chased by packs of dogs. Deer are shown being driven by dogs into nets where they would be killed.

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