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Pictures photos & images of Roman mosaics depicting Roman every day life and Villas. Roman mosaics reveal much about what preoccupied the Roman mind. As well as the great mythical mosaics that were popular in Roman Villas, the Romans also liked to depict themselves and their wealth in their mosaics. Roman mosaics of great estates on owners villa floors demonstrated to visitors the wealth and prestige of the Roman land owner. These mosaic depictions have also given historians a clear idea of what Roman Villas looked like. Romans liked feating and drinking wine and food and drink were popular themes fro Roman mosaics. Baskets of fruit, chickens, wild boar, fish and grapes are depicted in mosaic panels making sumptuous floor coverings. At the Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily the Room of the Ten Bikini Girls show young Roman women exercising. These depictions show the women playing games with balls and using weights to exercise. They look very modern in their bikini sportswear and demonstrate that Roman activities are mirrored today all over the world. Roman mosaics were not just used on the floors of Villas and architectural decorative mosaic panels were used on the walls. A stunningly realistic portrait of mosaic of a women survives from Pompeii showing the great skill that could be achieved by Roman mosaicists.

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