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Pictures photos & images of Roman mosaic depicting seascapes, ships, marine life and Mythical sea gods and creatures. History of Roman Seascape & Marine Life Mosaics. From the second century AD Roman mosaicists started producing detailed colour mosaics of seascapes. The subject matter ranged from simple depictions of fish framed with geometric patterns to mosaic depictions of the great sea gods like Trajan and Venus. The heart of the Roman Empire spread around the Mediterranean so it is hardly surprising that fish, one of their staple foods, should be a popular subject for Roman mosaics. In the Roman mosaics from Lod in present day Israel the sea is depicted teaming with many species of fish, large and small. The Dolphin is a popular depiction in Roman mosaics and they are linked with Sea Gods. Mosaics of the ‘God of the Sea,' Poseidon, are often accompanied by Dolphins as are depiction of Venus who was born from the sea. A popular mosaic theme was that of Dionysus who repelled Pirates from his ship and they turned into dolphins as they dived overboard. Mosaic fishing scenes were also popular themes with men hauling in nets of fish into boats. Room 24 of the Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily shows The Fishing Cupids. This charming mosaic depicts boats with cupids catching fish with rods from the sea. Cupids also swim with dolphins and marine life. Fish were the symbol used by early Roman Christians so fish and fishing scenes were used in the mosaic floors of the early Christian churches

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