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Pictures photos & images of Roman mosaics depicting Chariot racing at a Roman Circus. The Roman Circus Chariot racing was an important part of Roman Life. The most famous is the Circus Maximus in Rome but all major Roman cities boasted a Circus. Circus Maximus could sit 150,000 spectators so it is hardly surprising that some of those ardent fans would want to depict the glories of Chariot racing in the mosaics on their villa floors. At its height the chariot racing saw competitions between four chariot teams, the red, blue, green and white factions, each of whom had their ardent fans. The great charioteers became heroes and are commemorated in Roman mosaics. Roman mosaics of the Circus races give some idea of the spectacle the four horse chariots would have made as they raced around a central island decorated with statues of gods and an obelisk, the latter of which can still be seen from the Constantinople circus standing today near the Blue mosque in Istanbul. In the Villa Romana del Casale a Childs room floor had been decorated with a mosaic of a children's circus race in which the child charioteers race in chariots drawn by birds.

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