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Pictures images photos of the Vatican Museums Roman art sculptures and statue artefacts and antiquities. The Vatican museums were founded in the 16th century by Pope Julius II who purchased the sculpture of Laocoön in 1506 when it was excavated from a vineyard near the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. This purchase started a craze in the Papacy, as well as the emerging Renaissance aristocracy, that led to the important collections that make up the Vatican Museums. The museum of Pio-Clementino is made up of the collection of two Popes, Clement XIV and Pius VI, whose collections of Roman statues were added to by Pius VI. So importance was Papal interest in ancient Roman antiquities that it could be argued that the Renaissance Popes saved not only saved what was left from ancient Rome but also lit the fire of the interest in the ancient world that fuelled the Renaissance. Statues from the excavations of the ‘House of Statues’ near Tivoli unearthed states such as the Belvedere torso which influenced Michelangelo. The Sala de Muse also houses important Roman statues such as the Belvedere Apollo and statues of the nine muses. The Vatican museums also houses important Roman statues such as the gilded bronze statue of Hercules. Other galleries house hundreds of Roman busts and statues of Emperors and Roman gods. The Roman statues of the Vatican museums are a testament to the interest that the Roman catholic church played in the rediscovery of ancient Rome as well as its protection and conservation.

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