Pictures of Roman Statues of Augustus Caesar Sculptures { 37 images } Created 10 Feb 2016

Pictures photos & images of Roman Emperor Augustus caesar statue (63 BC to 14 AD). Augustus caesar is often wrongly called the first Emperor of Rome and again is wrongly attributed with starting the Roman Empire. In fact in practice Augustus caesar was and did both these things but at the time he probably would have been Assassinated like Julius caesar if it became common knowledge. Romans had a total fear of Kings and Emperors so Augustus caesar manipulated the Senate who granted him the power of imperium proconsulare, or proconsular imperium, and called him Princeps civitatis or First Citizen. It can be seen from this political manipulating Augustus caesar was a very adept politician and he used these great skills to control how he was depicted to the Romans across his Empire. Augustus caesar carefully controlled the statue depictions of himself. In one deign he is shown as the humble Pontifex Maximus, the high priest of the College of Pontiffs in Rome. This depicted him as the high priest of the Romans and he was the first to subsumed into the Imperial office. Augustus also had himself depicted in his statues as a just ruler and a soldier that would protect the Roman Empire. He was depicted in statues as perfect in looks and in a peak of physical fitness which is in marked contrast to the earlier Roman style of sculpture that depicted people with all their imperfections, warts and all. Augustus caesar’s careful depiction of himself and his role in the Roman hierarchy worked and his rule was a period of peace in the Roman Empire known as the Pax Romana.

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