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Pictures images photos of the 8th century Romanesque Basilica church of St Peter, Tuscania, Lazio, Italy. Founded in the 8th century on an Etruscan acropolis on a hill overlooking Tuscania, the monumental complex of St. Peter was the cathedral of Tuscania until the 15th century. St Peter was rebuilt in the 11th century in a Romanesque style with a central naive and two side aisles.
The protruding front of the facade of St Peter was built in the 13th century and the main portal was made by Romanesque masons with three receding archivolts resting on smooth columns with anthropomorphic capitals. The outer archivolt is decorated with inlaid mosaics and Bas relief sculptures of the signs of the zodiac and the works of the seasons. Above the main portal is a loggia and above that is a marble panel at the centre of which is a rose window. To the right side of the rose window is panel which represents Good. In it a relief sculpture of Atlas supporting a panel which has at its centre top the Lamb of God with angels on either side. On each side of the panel 4 of the Fathers of the Church are depicted. To the left of the Rose window is a panel which represents Evil and at the top and the bottom are three faced monsters with the side faces having branches with leaves coming out of their mouths. Four corner panels around the rose window have the symbols of the Four Evangelists. The floor of the Naive of St Peter has its original Lombard inlaid marble flooring made by the Lombard master craftsmen of the Cosmatesque association. On the walls of St Peter 12th century frescoes are still visible. In 648 AD Tuscania’s patron saints Secondiano, Veriano and Marcelliano were buried in the crypt of St Peter.

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