Pictures of the Alaca Hoyuk Royal Tomb Bronze Age Artefacts & Antiquities - { 121 images } Created 12 Oct 2018

Pictures photos images of the Bronze Age Hattian artefacts and antiquities found in the Royal tombs of Alacahoyuk (Alca Hoyuk, Alaca Höyük, Alacahöyük) held at the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara, Turkey. Alaca Hoyuk is oe of the most important Bronze Age sites in Anatolia. The discovery of Bronze Age Royal Tombs with gold, bronze and silver artefacts is one of the biggest in Anatolia. The so called "Sun Disks" of Alacahoyuk are most intriguing objects. Mostly made from bronze some with animal figurines as part of the design, the Sun Disks are thought to be ceremonial standards. They are unlikely to be family standards as more than one deign has been found in the same tomb. Ceremonial statuettes of deer and bulls are also very intriguing. These beautiful pieces of metal work seem to have been used as ceremonial standards. The Royal Tombs of Alaca Hoyuk also yielded fine pieces of gold jewellery, intricate necklaces and finely worked gold bracelets.

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