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Pictures images photos of the Maison Carrée or Square House is the name given to the best preserved Roman temple remaining from the ancient Roman Empire. The Maison Carrée was originally built as the heart of the Roman forum of Nemausus, present day Nimes, in the south of France. The Maison Carrée temple was built as a Roman cult temple to Julius Caesar around 4-7 AD. It was later rededicated to Emperor Augustus.
The Maison Carrée temple is an example of the architecture attributed to the influential Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (70 - 15 BC) who wrote “The Ten Books of Architecture”. The Maison Carrée temple measures 26 m by 13.5 m and is raised on a 2.8 m high podium. The temples facade has a flight of stone steps leading to its portico with six Corinthian columns. From the portico a high door leads into the temple.
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