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Pictures images photos of the Byzantine mosaics of the Pisa Duomo. The image of Christ Pantocrator, "Almighty" or “All-powerful," is typical of Orthodox Roman Byzantine art. It shows the power of Roman Byzantine culture that it was widely adopted in Romanesque Roman Catholic Churches. Built in 1064 just 30 years after the Great schism between the Orthodox and Catholic Christian churches the mosaic of the Pisa Duomo shows that schism has not stopped all Byzantine style artworks being made in Catholic churches. Indeed in 1064 it is fair to say that western art had not yet really broken away from Byzantine art to find its own voice and style. The fingers of Christ in the mosaic of Pisa Duomo still uses the shape of the blessing used in Orthodox Christ Pantocrator depictions but the fingers do not quite form the “Chi Rho” shapes of Eastern Orthodoxy.
The apse mosaic of Pisa Duomo is though unmistakably a Byzantine Roman mosaic.

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