Polaroid Lift Photo Print Series - And Then number 3 - Photographer Paul E Williams { 7 images } Created 8 Apr 2022

Series : And Then..... #3
Photographer : Paul E Williams
Media : 10x8 Colour Polaroid Lift
Date Created : 1991.

Animated polaroid lift sequence depicting a wooden African tribal mask. These polaroid lift photos were part of an animated short film made by photographer Paul E Williams in 1991.

"I selected this still sequence as part of my on-gong fascination with time and and how it changes people and things. We all hide behind masks to that so often traps us in a representation of ourselves that in-prisons us. Society moulds us and forces us into personas that we a unhappy in, just take a look at anti-depressant drug perscription and drug abuse statistics to see the truth of this. Its hard to un-learn a lifetimes propaganda that has been forced into us but its not impossible," Paul E Williams

Technique. The mask photos were originally made on 120 Ektachrome using a Mamiya RB 67. The resultant transparencies were then copied onto 10x8 colour polaroid using a Sinar P view camera. The emulsion was then carefully lifted off the 10x8 Polaroid prints and laid in a shallow tray of water. The polaroids were then animated and the action photographed onto 120 ektachrome film. For the animation each frame of film was scanned and compiled into the final animation in After Effects. In 2020 Paul E Williams reconstructed the animation in 4K.

Photo art prints of the polaroid lift series "And then....#3" by photographer Paul E Williams can be bought on line for worldwide delivery.
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