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Pictures photos and images of prehistoric stone circles and henges and standing stones of prehistory & Neolithic period. The study of prehistory and its peoples has until recently been based on guesswork more than science. After the advent of radio carbon dating in the 1950s the age of prehistoric sites were revealed to be far older than archaeologists could ever have imagined. One of the most powerful images of prehistoric peoples are the great stone circles of northern Europe, the most famous of which is Stonehenge. Two types of neolithic stone circles are known, those with a henge, a ditch that runs around the outside of the stone circle, and those without a henge. It is most likely that neolithic stone circles were places where ceremonies or rituals took place as there is no evidence to date that people ever lived in them. The layout of stone circles as also inexplicable as some have lines of stones leading to them and some, like Avebury, have smaller stone circles within a larger outer stone circle.The size of the building of the great stone circle neolithic monumental complexes is often underestimated and the skill and organisation required to complete these stone rings required far greater skills and levels of organisation accredited to them until recently.
The little village of Avebury in southern England sits in the middle of a vast monumental complex that spreads for miles. Around the village is a deep henge with high banks that would have hidden the inner stone circle from outside view. The stone circle and henge is so big that it completely encircles the present day village. The building of such a vast monument is remarkable in itself but from Avebury a corridor of stones runs for several miles to a man made hill then on to a long burial chamber.The stone circle at Avebury is associated with the most iconic stone circle in the world known as Stonehenge. This stone circle has captured the imagination of people for millennia. It is the only stone circle that has upright stones capped with cross stones linking them together to form a ring. Another great centre of Neolithic monumental stone ring building can be found on the islands of Scotland. Huge stone rings can be found on the islands of Lewis and Orkney.Whatever purpose the Neolithic stone circles performed suddenly ended around 3200 BC and their construction ceased. It has been suggested that the changes in the climate during this period meant that Neolithic peoples had to leave settled farming villages near the henges as crops failed and move south. Stone circles are some of the most enigmatic archaeology in the world exciting the imagination. Download pictures images on line as stock photos or buy as photo art prints on ine.

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