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Pictures photos images of Ancient Roman sculpture & monumental relief sculptures including Roman temple relief sculptures, sarcophagus and other Roman antiquities and artefacts. Roman sculpture is based on copies of Ancient Greek sculpture. One of the most significant Roman developments was that of portraiture. Wealthy Roman families developed a type of ancestor worship with rooms dedicated to the death masks. The cheapest masks were made of wax and the more wealthy could afford bronze, marble & terracotta. This led to public to a realistic style of sculpture of the great & the good of Rome where reality went as far as adding warts and wrinkles because they showed that the person had character. Reality in statues stopped with the end of the Republic. The Emperor Augustus controlled his image once he had become essentially the first Emperor. The approved image of Augustus was spread around the Roman Empire and in them he never grew older. Subsequent Emperors followed this lead and a more formal idealised portrait developed that flattered. Although the Romans followed the style of classical Greece, they stopped short at nudity and few of the male Roman sculptures show men in the nude. Sculptures & relief sculptures were an important part of Roman communication. Great triumphal arches & columns showed the great exploits of Emperors and Roman temples and sarcophagus were adorned with relief sculptures of mythical scenes, great exploits or hunting scenes. Sculptures of the gods filled niches in Roman buildings and were found in every home.

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