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Pictures photos and images of Roman Emperor's statues & busts. Roman public statues of the Republican Roman period, prior to Augustus, were granted by the Senate of individuals that had brought great success and prestige to Rome. The prevailing style at the time was realism and the Roman sculptors excelled at depicting their Emperors wart and all. Realism was considered by Roman sculptors to show signs of Character that would depict more about the subject. Augustus was the first ruler of the Romans to realise that a more idealised presentation of himself would create the image that would suit his political aspirations. He was well aware that that the portrayal of warts and imperfections may create the image of a mere mortal that would leave him open to attack as it had with his predecessor Julius Caesar. Augustus was painfully aware of the danger of being portrayed as an “Emperor” and knew that to survive he had to convince the Romans that he was “Principe”, “first amongst equals” not an Emperor of the Romans. The imagery he used ranged from Augustus in the Hellenistic “nude hero” style, Augustus as Military leader and perhaps most powerful of all, Augustus as Priest with his roots deep in Roman tradition. The Romans being deeply conservative bought these messages hook line and sinker and Augustus had his statues put up all over the Roman Empire so securing his position. The Roman rulers that followed Augustus carried on the tradition of image control that had served Augustus so well. Successive Emperors soon portrayed themselves as deities to be worshiped and eventually once their confidence reached full power as Emperors of the Roman Empire. The monumental depiction of Emperors took on heroic proportions as can be seen in the huge over life sized statues of Constantine. As the office of Emperor became more precarious and assignation became the norm, at one point there were 6 Emperors in one year, successive Emperors had to move fast to get their statues up before the next usurper took over. In this rush new Emperors heads replaced previous Emperors on old statues including statues of old Hellenistic Gods. Consequently the head of Tiberius could end up on an old statue of Hercules.

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