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Pictures images photos of Roman erotic art of Pompeii & Herculaneum exhibited at the Naples Archaeological Museum, Italy. When Pompeii was excavated in the early 19th century one of its most controversial finds was its erotic art. In 1819, when King Francis I of Naples visited the Pompeii exhibition at the National Museum with his wife and daughter, he was so embarrassed by the erotic artwork that he decided to have it locked away in a Secret Museum. Most Museums of the period has locked rooms full of what was considered to be pornography at the time. These secret museums were only accessible only to academics and "people of mature age and respected morals". In the 1960 that Naples Archaeological Museum made the erotic art of Pompeii accessible to the public briefly but it closed again and was not made accessible again until the year 2000. The erotic art of Pompeii caused great bewilderment to the thinkers of the Enlightenment who saw ancient Rome as the high point to date of civilisation. Some of the frescoes were found in the Brothels of Pompeii but other frescoes and objects were found in the villas of Pompeii. The erotic frescoes of Pompeii either question the belief that Romans were rather conservative or perhaps our modern eyes are reading the erotic artwork incorrectly. It is unclear whether the images on the walls of the brothels were advertisements for the services offered or merely intended to heighten the pleasure of the visitors. It is also unclear whether the household objects depicting the Phallus were erotic items or fertility talisman. One of the most famous statues of the Naples Erotic museum is the statue "Pan copulating with goat”. Academics now see this as a visual pun and rather a moral statue which would have had a different meaning to Roman eyes. This picture gallery shows.Pictures and images of Roman erotic art from Pompeii exhibits from the Naples Archaeological Museum can be bought on line as photo art prints or downloaded as high resolution stock photos. For editorial use only. To use in product advertising please apply to The Naples National Archaeological Museum for permission.

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