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Pictures images photos of Roman fresco painted wall interior exhibits of the National Roman Museum Rome. The interiors of Roman villas were highly decorated with mosaic floors and fresco painted wall art. The styles of the decoration changed with successive generations of Romans from full trompe-l’œil panels depicting gardens disappearing into the distance or painted pillars and marble panels to more restrained sombre colours such as dark burgundies and even black that were divided into panel with simple painted garlands of flowers or freezes of figures around a central panel with a scene from mythology or even erotic depictions. The end result was always sumptuous creating rooms with a great sense of style. The best descriptive fresco panels were well accomplished works of art with modelling and shadow detail creating a realistic image. Scenes from mythology were popular with the Romans who pantheon of Gods was huge. Erotic fresco panels from mythology have been constantly mis interpreted by modern eyes as offensive. To Roman eyes most of these scenes depicted moral tales from mythology that would have been viewed by the Romans in a moralistic sense. The erotic panels from the brothels of Pompeii probably were not intended to be moralistic though. The National Roman Museum Rome has an incredible collection of fresco interiors excavated in Rome. Trees and shrubs had symbolic importance to the Romans as can be see by the plants used in the trompe-l’œil frescoes from the Villa Livia, Rome, which contains plants linked to the deities particularly venerated by Augustus and Livia. A beautiful marine fresco with marine life from the second quarter of the first century AD, depicts boats decorated as boats which went along the Tiber on festival days; their shape appears to be the caudicariae boats, used to transport merchandise. Fresco panels from the Large Columbarium, wall lined by niche tombs, excavated from the Villa Doria Panphilj, Rome has beautiful frescoes of animals and people.Browse of

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