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Pictures images photos of Roman mosaics exhibited at the Naples National Archaeological Museum, (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli,) Italy. The pictures of these exhibits show Roman mosaics from Pompeii and Herculaneum. The mosaic was an important floor covering and interior decoration in Roman villas. The quality of Roman mosaics vary dramatically depending upon the wealth of the villa owner. Poor Romans would cobble their floors with rounded pebbles. The finest Roman mosaics use very small tesserae made of different coloured Pieces of stone or glass. The fine detail of a mosaic depends upon the size of the tesserae. The smaller the tesserae the finer the detail. Romans loved geometric patterns which could be made up of larder pre cut tesserae. Optical illusions such as the Gordian Knot or 3d cubes made up geometric borders that would often surround a central mosaic of animals, gods or a scenes from mythology. The finest Roman mosaics at the Naples Archaeological Museum show intricate marine scenes with fishes, as well as mythical winged gods riding on mythical animals. The range of creativity in Roman mosaics is breathtaking and the skill of the best Roman craftsmen must have been highly prized. Pictures and images of Roman mosaic exhibits from the Naples Archaeological Museum can be bought on line as photo art prints or downloaded as high resolution stock photos. For Editorial use only, for advertising property rights please contact the museum.

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