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Pictures & stock photos of the Roman Mosaics of Merida Museum Spain. Emerita Augusta, present day Merida, was on the far west of the Roman Empire in present day Spain. The ruins of Emerita Augusta are the most extensive in Spain and spread through the modern city with aqueducts and a Roman bridge. Emerita Augusta was founded by Augustus for the veteran soldiers of the Legio X Gemina legion. Merida archaeological museum houses the archaeological finds from Emerita Augusta, which include some fine Roman mosaics. Originally the Merida Archaeological Museum the Merida National Museum of Roman Art was inaugurated on September 19, 1986 in a purpose built Museum next to the Merida Archaeological site. the Merida National Museum of Roman Art not only houses the Archaeological finds from Roman Merida it was also a the first Spanish research centre of Roman culture and holds lectures, conferences and courses on the ancient Romans. The museum exhibits include Roman statues, mosaics and architectural features such sat Roman columns and Capitals and the museum artefacts
inform us about the process of Romanisation of Hispania.

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