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Pictures images photos of Roman Mosaics Pictures, Roman Mosaic Photos and Images. Probably the greatest collection of Roman Mosaics can be fond at the Villa Romana del Casale in Sicily. These Roman mosaics lay buried until the 1950's when they were discovered and excavated. They reveal the opulent life of Imperial families and there is good evidence that the Villa may have been owned by Diocletian s co emperor Maximian. Roman mosaic on the floor of the room dubbed the "Chamber of the Ten Maidens", nicknamed "the bikini girls". They are competing for a laurel coronet in some sort of games and have a very modern look due to their Bikini style dress. Pompeii was one of the best preserved Roman cities when it was descovered and the art and mosaics that were excavated are some of the most beautiful Roman mosaic finds. Also included in this Roman mosaic photo collection are mosaics from the recently excavated Great Palace of Constantinople (Istanbul). The Great Palace had the Blue Mosque built oin it but the peristyle of the Great Palace survived buried from the reign of Emperor Justinian I. When a large synagogue was found during the excavations of Roman Sardis it caused historians to re-think the relationship of Jews and Romans. the 4th cent. AD floor has revealed geometric floor mosaics of this late Roman period Jewish synagogue of Sardis. Sardis archaeological site, Hermus valley, Turkey. Discovered in 1962 as part of an on going Harvard Art Museum excavation project. The photo gallery also contains Roman Africa mosaics from The House of Orpheus showing Orpheus playing a lute in the centre with wild African animals surrounding him. From the triclinium or the dining room of the villa looking out across the fertile plains. Volubilis Archaeological Site, near Meknes, Morocco. For Editorial use only, for advertising property rights please contact the museum

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