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Pictures, images, photos of the Roman statue artefacts of the Bardo National Museum, Tunis, Tunisia. The collection of Roman statues at the Bardo is small but interesting. The Roman statues prove how uniform the Roman Empire was with statue styles in the Roman province of Africa Proconsularis looking identical to statues of the Northern Empire. Africa Proconsularis was a rich Roman province and could afford fine artefacts. The Bardo National Museum has a “modest Venus” statue of that is the same as Venus statues in the Capitoline & Louvre museums. The Bardo National Museum contains sculpted busts of Roman Emperors. It contains a rare bust of Emperor Vitellius, excavated from Althiburos, who only ruled from circa 20 April to Dec 69AD, and Emperor Gordian first, excavated from Carthage who only ruled for 3 months in 238AD. Browse or download pictures of the Roman statue artefacts of the Bardo National Museum, Tunis, on line as stock photos or buy as photo art prints.

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