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Pictures photos & images of Roman statues and sculptures of Roman deities, Roman gods and mythical heroes from the Roman and Greco Roman mythology. Much of Roman religious beliefs was inherited from the ancient Greeks. The religious practices, deities and myths were adopted by the Romans from the different areas of the Empire they occupied. Ancient Egyptian religious beliefs were added to the Roman pantheon and in the north of the Empire a Gallo Roman religion developed that incorporated the gods of the Gauls. Many of the Roman statues that are in our great museums are copies of earlier Greek bronze originals which were melted down for their valuable metal. One of the most popular Roman deities that came from Greek Mythology was Aphrodite, known to the Romans as Venus. Several styles of Roman Venus statues are found in many parts of the Roman Empire all of which can be traced back to Greek originals of the 3rd to 4th centuries BC. Venus is portrayed in Greek Mythology as the ultimate temptress of astounding beauty and is associated with sexual desire. One of the most famous styles of Venus statues is the Aphrodite of Cnidus which still influences artists today. Apollo was also a popular god with the Romans and was given many epithets in different parts of the Roman Empire. Apollo was the oracular god, the prophetic deity of the Delphic Oracle, but was also associated with poetry, art, archery, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. As the god of the vine Bacchus, Greek God Dionysus, was very popular with the Romans and many statues of Bacchus have been excavated from all over the Roman Empire. Bacchus was also a popular subject to be sculpted onto Roman sarcophagus. In Roman Mythology Diana was the goddess of the hunt, moon and child birth. Diana is often depicted hunting with a bow and sometimes with a deer. Divine heroes from Greek mythology were also popular with the Romans such as Hercules, who was the son of Zeus. Hercules statues are often over size to reflect his strength and he was the God of heroes, sports, athletes and health.

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