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Pictures, images & photos of Rome, Italy. To many Rome is Italy but actually Rome is Rome and still feels different from the rest of Italy. 1600 years after its fall from grace the independence of what was the capital of the greatest Western Empire can still be felt. It is still very clear to Romans that they are Romans first and Italians maybe. Rome may have lost its great imperial Emperor but it is still home to the guiding spirit of over half the worlds Christians in the form of the Pope. Rome probably has more iconic buildings than any other city in Europe. It would be difficult and pointless to try and choose only one of Rome's landmarks as its icon for each has a different meaning to different people. The Trevi fountain is the focus of coin throwing romantics as is the Spanish Steps. The Vatican is the focus of pious Roman Catholics from all over the World and the Colosseum is an iconic symbols of Rome's excesses and cruelty and mystique. The great events that happened in the Forum of Rome are some of the great stories of European history and to follow in the footsteps of Julius Cesar and Augustus is a thrilling experience. To stand under the great dome of the Roman Basilica of the Pantheon is an awe inspiring marvel at ancient engineering that would defeat modern architects. Rome operates on so many cultural levels that it is impossible to make a single definition for the city.

One thing is for sure Rome has something for everyone, from the Great football teams of Roma and Lazio to the work of the greatest artists that ever lived. From chic Italian clothes boutiques to the greatest museums in the world. Is this review of Rome's attributes too gushing? Well actually it can never be gushing enough because to encompass what is Rome is really impossible. Fellini took a good shot and glorified Rome in some of the great icon films of European cinema like "La Dulce Vita" & "Roma" but even the great masters work only scratched the surface. There is no need to throw three coins into the Trevi fountain, which is meant to mean that the thrower will visit Rome again, because there is no doubt that the appetite from one visit to Rome will fuel the hunger to visit again.

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