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Pictures photos images of the Royal Buttress Neo Hittite sculpted relief stone orthostat panels, Karkamis ( Carchemish, Karkemish), Turkey. Hittite artefacts of the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations, Ankara. The Hittite relief orthostat panels of the Royal Buttress of Carchemish (Karkemish) are some of the best examples of the late Assyrian Neo Hittite artistic style. The rounded contours in the head, face and arms are distinctive in the Hittite relief panels of these groups. Face and neck lines are treated significantly. The surfaces of these relief orthostats display a round shaping, with a noticeable puff of the organs, and the details on the wings of the griffin have been shaped with deep lines. The hieroglyph panel of the Royal Buttress Hittite panels contains the so called Discourse of Yariris, the last king of Kargarni, "Tarvanis-Ruler", Yariris and Kamanis are pictured in the Royal Buttress. The opening reads: "I, Yariris the ruler.. Prince of..., the prince loved by the gods whose reputation exceeding the west and east..... The next Hittite relief panel of the Royal Buttress depicts King Araras holding his son Kamanis by the wrist. The King carries a sceptre in his hand and a sword at his waist while the prince leans on a stick and carries a sword on his shoulder. The next Hittite relief panel of the Royal Buttress depicts 8 out of 10 children of the King, and one figure walking by leaning on a stick; below are two each figures playing the knucklebones and turning whirligigs”. The final Hittite relief panel of the Royal Buttress depicts The queen carries her youngest son. The hieroglyphs located above read; "and this is Tuwarsais; the prince desired by the ruler, whose exclusiveness has been exposed". While the queen carries her son in her lap, she holds the rope of the colt coming behind with her other hand. The other Royal Buttress relief panel depicts a procession of figures, each with a long dress, a thick belt and curly hair. Some figures hold spears in their right hand and other figures carry tools with his right hand at the level of his head. They are followed with a figure holding a sceptre in his left hand. All have a long sword each at their waist.

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