SACRED STONE - Iconic Places and Monuments by Photographer Paul E Williams { 76 images } Created 24 Jun 2021

SACRED STONE - A landscape black and white photo series by photographer Paul E Williams.

" A small marble statue shaped like a goddess excavated from Catalhoyuk in Turkey shows that 9000 years ago people were turning stone into sacred objects. Neolithic stone carvings show that this practise probably dates back to the very first Homo Sapiens. Every known civilisation has fashioned stone into sacred objects or has built sacred places out of stone. In fact our main source of knowledge of our ancestors comes from the sacred stones that have survived the ravages of time. Until recent times the worlds greatest buildings were religious buildings and the material of choice was usually stone. Neolithic standing stones and stone circles give us a tantalising glimpse of Neolithic civilisations. Scholars believe that they had religious uses but we don't really know. It isn't until civilisations started to use writing on their buildings that we could be sure that they were places of worship. It is quite incredible how many remnants of ancient stone religious buildings have survived. Hittite Temples have been excavated at Hattusa dating back 4000 years. Ancient Egyptian temples were built at Karnak dating from the same period. The great stone temples of the ancient Greeks have been excavated along with stone statues of their gods. Our great museums are full of examples of marble Roman statues to their gods. In 537 the great Hagia Sophia was completed in Constantinople (Istanbul) and remained the biggest cathedral for 1000 years. During the medieval era the great stone Gothic Cathedrals took sacred building higher and higher leading to the spectacular Notre Dame in Paris. Throughout time people have used stone to make sacred wonder out of stone that still inspire us today. The idea of the sacred is waining today although some people believe that rocks have mystical powers of healing. This series is a testament to the great artists and builders, most of whom are unknown, who used stone throughout history to make objects and build buildings that were sacred. I hope you enjoy." Paul E Williams.

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