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Pictures photos images of the Sam’al's Hittite monumental relief orthostat panels & Hittite sculpture statues, Sam'al (Zincirli Höyük), Gazientep, Turkey. The site of Sam'al was occupied in the Early Bronze Age, and is thought to be part of the kingdom of Yamhad. Sam'al became a middle power at the end of the 10th century BCE. It had expanded from being a city state and gained territories from Carchemish. The site was excavated between 1888 and 1902 by expeditions led by Felix von Luschan and Robert Koldewey, supported by the German Orient Committee. The Sam'al Royal steles and stone tablets excavated from the period, of Kilamuva and Panamuva II, are the main sources for historical data.
The 9th century BC Kilamuwa Stela of King Kilamuwa, from the Kingdom of Sam'al. The stele is a 16-line text in Phoenician. King Kilamuwa is shown standing on the upper left and addressing four Canaanite god-insignias with his right arm and finger. His left hand is draped at his left side holding a wilted lotus flower, a symbol of a king's death. He is dressed in king's regalia with hat, and his figure stands at the beginning of the first nine lines of the text. Many Hittite statues were excavated from Sam’al including several Hittite lion statues, a Colossal Statue of the Weather God Hadad & Sphinx. Download Pictures & images of the Hittite monumental relief orthostat panels & Hittite sculpture statues from Sam’al or buy as photo art prints on line.



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