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Sardis was an important city state from ancient times situated in present day western Turkey. Sardis became the capital of Lydia and grew rich when it discovered the secret of separating gold from silver. The name of its king Croesus is still used today to describe someone who is extremely wealthy. It is believed that in about the 3rd century BC King Antiochus III encouraged Jews to come and live in Sardis. They built a Synagogue which appears to have been actively used through the Roman period showing that jewish communities were active in Asia Minor during the Roman Christian period. The Synagogue of Sardis was excavated byHarvard and Cornell University in 1958 revealing a mosaic floor. Jews and Muslims both adhere to the biblical rule that false idols should not be worshipped. This means that neither religion allows depictions of God or any of its prophets. The mosaic floor then is a series of panels full of different geometric mosaic designs. The Romans loved geometric mosaics designs and were incredibly creative at combining intricate patterns together o make very complex mosaic floors.
Pictures & stock photos of Sardis Synagogue Roman mosaic floor. The mosaic floors of the Sardis synagogue demonstrate how constant the architectural decorative styles were across the Roman Empire.

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