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Photos and pictures of the Medieval Gothic statues of the Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) Nuremberg.  

One of the great Great Gothic Fountains in Europe is the Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain) in Nuremberg’s marketplace, Germany. And indeed the Schöner Brunnen is a very beautiful fountain indeed. The original fountain was erected between 1389 and 1396 by Heinrich Beheim and is an impressive 19 metre (62 feet) octagonal Gothic Pyramid that narrows towards the top in three steps. The fountain has forty painted stone figures representing the the Holy Roman Empire. The bottom row are figures symbolising Philosophy and the Seven Liberal Arts , the and the four Evangelists and the four Fathers of the Church , the seven electors and nine good heroes , Moses seven prophets.

The figures on the Schöner Brunnen were renovated in 1903 in their original bright colours. We have become used to Gothic statues that have lost their original paint and the figures of the Schöner Brunnen are an incredible demonstration of how vivid the statues on the front of the great Gothic Cathedrals such as “Notre Dame” in Paris would have originally been. Each statue uses realistic flesh colours for the skin areas but the garments use a lot of gold leaf which creates dazzling reflections. Each figure has its own character probably modelled on real people of Nuremberg but as is characteristic of the period the poses are stilted and posed. The overall effect is both startling and impressive if not a bit gourdy to modern eyes.

Wrapped by a concrete casing the Schöner Brunnen survived the bombing of the second world was unscathed and is one of the great examples of Gothic sculpture in Europe.

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