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Pictures images photos of Scopello, Tonnara di Scopello & Zingaro Nature Park, Sicily. Scopello is a small village in the west of Sicily near Castellmare del Golfo which was prized since ancient times for its good Tuna fishing. Scopello has a picturesque old Tuna fishery, The Tonnara di Scopello, with fisherman’s cottages that have been turned into a hotel. The picturesque Tonnara is situated in a rocky bay with high stacks of rock running out to sea. The Greek for rock is Scoupelos, hence Scopello. Sitting on the cliff tops above the Tonnara are two ancient watch towers from where lookouts could see pirate ships approaching and light warning smoke beacons. Gavin Maxwell, the Scottish naturalist and author of Ring of Bright Water, stayed in the Tonnara di Scopello and wrote “ when I first came to Scopello I thought it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen." The coast of Sicily was famous for On the hill above the Tonnara the tiny village has an enclosed fortified village square with small cafes and shops around it.

Behind Scopello is the high Monte Sparagio on which was the Scopello forest a hunting reserve of Bourbon King Ferdinand III. Today a reserve still runs along the coast from Scopello, Zingaro Nature Park, the first on Sicily. The dramatic coast of Zingaro Nature Park with its small bays is only accessible by foot or by boat. Zingaro Nature Park starts in Scopello at one ends at San Vito lo Capo. The park can be accessed by foot from either end and the first bays are usually full. The more remote bays in the middle of Zingaro are less crowded and the water is crystal clear. The park has a unique bio system with ten species of unique plants including a Dwarf palms [ Chamaerops humilis ] that gives a sub tropical look to the coastal flora.

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