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Pictures images and photos of Selime Cathedral ( Selime Monastery or Selime Castle), Cappadocia Turkey. , Selime Cathedral is the biggest rock cathedral in the area. It has been used as a castle then as a monastery by many civilisations through history including Byzantine, Persian, Hittites, and Ottoman Empire. Selime monastery has a big rock cathedral with a central aisle and two aisles either side with two rows of rock columns. Frescoes, now very badly damaged date from the 9th century or beginning of the 10th century A.D. The size of the church and the monastery itself shows the significance of the monastery. Selime monastery also contains rooms in cut into the rock that were the quarters for monks, two halls, a stable for mules, and a large kitchen. Because the kitchen was built in the rock with no windows lamps were used as a lighting source. Its high pyramid shaped roof carried smoke from the fires upwards and out through a flu. Most of the rooms of Selime Cathedral complex are now open due to rock slides either from poor construction or earthquakes. The size of Selime Cathedral complex gives some idea of the importance Cappadocia had in early and middle Christian eras.
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