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Pictures images photos of the sculptures Camposanto di Staglieno Monumental Cemetery of Genoa. In 1804 Napoleon made the Edict of Saint-Cloud in which he banned burials in churches and in towns for health and safety reasons. This led to Genoa planning an out of town cemetery on hill near Staglieno and in 1835 and the cities architect Carlo Barabino started work on the project. Today the Camposanto di Staglieno Monumental Cemetery of Genoa is one of the biggest in Europe designed to be the last resting place of 60,000 corpses. What makes the Camposanto di Staglieno Monumental Cemetery remarkable though is the quality of its sculptured funereal tombs. The wealthy of Genoa over the years have made Staglieno one of the most important places to see internationally important sculptors work. One of the most important styles of sculpture found in the Staglieno Cemetery are from the brief artistic period known as Bourgeois Realism or naturalism, an international style of the 1860s and 1870s. The sculptures from this period demonstrate the incredible skills of the artists to produce life like figures wearing the fashions of 1860s & 70’s Genoa in naturalistic poses. Lace garments are sculpted in fine detail, the texture of pores are added to skin textures, eye lashes are delicately carved out of stone to produce extreme realism. The Camposanto di Staglieno Cemetery sculptures show in fine detail what the people of Genoa looked like at the end of the 19th century. There are many touching sculptures at Camposanto di Staglieno as can be seen in our photo gallery. A young child is lifted up to kiss the departed father, a widows tears are illustrated as she prays at her husbands tomb. Endearing sculptures like that of the “peanut seller," who was a street seller of Genoa who commissioned a statue of herself while still alive complete with strings of peanuts and cakes for he tomb. Reminders of the transience of life are also depicted on tombs with young nude women gazing meaningfully at skulls. The message from the Staglieno tombs is that death is a natural state that comes to all of us.

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